Fashion Clothing

They say “clothes maketh the man.” We at the lazy donkey say “the right clothes make all the difference.”

Our hand loom heritage is vast and vivacious. Every state has its own history and culture of weaving, printing and embroidery. The artisans and craftsmen are in some ways the true preservers of our history. In our small way we endeavour to preserving this heritage by promoting indigenous techniques of printing and weaving. The Lazy Donkey range is a collection of natural fabrics based clothing designed by upcoming designers in partnership with printers and weavers across the country. The aim is to bring the wonderful treasures in a form that is contemporary and also value for money. Our collection includes cotton fabrics block printed in natural dyes, stoles, dupattas in various weaves, saris, and ready to wear in cottons and silks.

When you buy from the lazy donkey, you choose to preserve the livelihood of local artisans and encourage handmade products.

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