Cloth bags are making a statement across the world. They are fulfilling a social objective as also an ecological one and are extremely functional. The interesting fact is that it is a movement that is fueled by young citizens. Europe seems to be leading by example. Sit in any square or cafe and indulge in some people watching. You will notice that most people are carrying a cloth bag. This is in addition to the handbag/computer bag/attache case. The bag has the day’s shopping, a bottle of water, a snack maybe. But everyone is carrying one. You could say it is trending.

The trend is slowly catching on in your neighbourhood too. Our fascination with plastic bags continue but now there are also people who are making a conscious effort to cut down on their plastic bag usage. Now you do come across people in the billing lines taking out their own bags to fill in their purchases. There are many who keep a small bag in their handbags for all times. Cloth bags are reusable. So you can use-wash-use multiple times. Keep one in your bag, one in your vehicle and you are shopping ready. They are recyclable. So once they start looking washed out, they can be cut into cleaning cloths and dusters. Till the last thread they are useful and then at the end they are biodegradable. That makes them safe for the environment too!

The lazy donkey presents a range of cotton bags for everyday use. These bags are made from non processed pure cotton fabric and are cut and stitched by women from underprivileged background. We have taken care to maintain quality standards and also added aesthetic value with printing on both sides of the bags. In addition the bags are designed to carry weight and also maintain shape and the straps can sit comfortably on the shoulders. The length and width of the bag is also as per body shape convenience. The lazy donkey eco-bags are ideal for personal use. They also make a thoughtful gift and can be part of csr activity too. We can also make customised bags as per client requirement. Buy one today and join the trend.