The Lazy Donkey brings you a limited and eclectic edition of ceramic mugs. These are all handmade and are creative and unique. Glazed to perfection they have a look which is unavailable at any store.

Ceramic mugs are always popular; as gifts, as showpieces and as works of art. What makes them extra special is their functionality. Enjoying your daily beverage in a handmade, hand glazed mug can be an enthralling experience.

Here are a few reasons to pick up that mug pronto!

Ceramic mugs keep your tea/coffee/ hot chocolate/soup hot longer than other containers. The reason for this is that the retention rate is much better as compared to glass or steel. This means you can enjoy your drink longer and languorously without having to re-heat.

They are also environmentally friendly and do convey a positive statement about you. Think about it. Sipping from a unique cup means you are creatively inclined, appreciate the good things of life, are willing to spend a little extra and are open to new experiences. Now is that not an attractive personality?!

And when you are that person, the taste of your drink is going to feel way better and very stylish.

Choose from our selection of mugs. We also have boat trays that work so well for serving as also a table top.